altmv Reboot

Since I launched altmv in March 2012 it has been a site focused on parenting and educating gifted kids. Motivation, ADHD, sugar, and public education have all been viewed through the lens of the gifted child and his or her parents. Yet raising gifted children is only one aspect of my life. Over the last month I have increasingly struggled with compartmentalizing the multiple universes that I live in.

My work life has always been in the technical world of ISPs and hosting services, yet I have a strong interest in psychology and wellness. The intersections “the cloud”, our online lives, societal trends, how things work, and what influences us, fascinate me. Beyond gifted children, there is an awful lot ricocheting around in my head that needs to get out.

Appropriately named as a nod to the original Usenet News alt.* hierarchy, altmv will evolve to encompass a bit of everything. (Minus the* and alt.binaries.* sections.) I’ll even be pulling in some ancient articles I wrote on another blog about getting and training my Belgian Sheepdog.

News and thoughts on gifted kids and education will still be covered and easy to find through the use of categories, tags, and menu titles. I am excited about this reboot and curious to see what will happen when I finally let my universes collide.

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