Science Museum Mississippi Class

SMM Conservation Ideas
Conservation Ideas

Nathaniel recently check out one of the classes offered at the Science Museum of Minnesota for homeschoolers. It was on the Mighty Mississippi. He learned about the Mississippi and factors that affect the health of the river. Together the students built a model aquatic habitat. Then they brainstormed on what can be done to help the environment and slow global warming. My favorite ideas are algae art that can also clean the house and self-powered, bioluminescent lights.

The Mississippi supports a vast variety of species. In order to demonstrate this and emphasize the interrelatedness of different species, they created a food web.

Finally they were able to observe live macro invertebrates.

Food Web

The class was paced nicely and gave the students time to ask questions and show their knowledge without the instructor worrying about lost time. Nathaniel came away from the experience feeling that he had a real opportunity to delve into biology and environmental conservation. Biology is one of his passions and he has been reading complex biology books for years. I am impressed that the Science Museum was able to design a class that worked for a student his age with his higher than average scientific background.

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